Kitchens For Good Shop

Kitchens for Good Shop, a pioneering new social enterprise and
a first in the U.S. “pre-loved” kitchen store run by nonprofit Kitchens for Good,
opened in 2022 and asked JWC to help spread the word about its Grand Opening
and month-long donation drive to stock the store.

Through strategic pitching and historic relationships with the media, JWC secured
more than 25 media placements locally before and during the Grand Opening event.

JWC invited San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, Pacific Beach-area councilmember Jen Campbell
and Food Network television personality and Food Network television personality Troy Johnson to ring in the new shop’s opening (literally also – with all attendees ringing a dinner bell in lieu of a ribbon cutting).

TV segments, print/online articles, daily e-newsletters and more helped spread
the word announcing the one-of-a-kind shop’s opening that supports
Kitchen for Good’s tuition-free culinary, baking and foodservice management apprentice programs, as well as its hunger relief and food waste reduction initiatives.

Kitchens for Good’s goal was 14,000 donated items for the month of February, and it received more than 15,000. The awareness generated by media coverage before and after the Kitchens for Good Shop Grand Opening helped the new store ’s warm reception with its array of culinary-related items selling rapidly and between 200 and 300 donations arriving daily.

Photo by Stacy Keck