Lions Tigers & Bears

Lions Tigers & Bears is an accredited exotic animal sanctuary nestled on 93 acres in Alpine, CA. The sanctuary and educational facility is a no kill, no breed and no contact permanent home for 65+ animals, including lions, tigers, white tigers, black bears, Himalayan black bears, grizzly bears, mountain lions, leopards, bobcats, servals and more. At the helm, founder and director Bobbi Brink gives the animals she rescues an opportunity to live peaceful lives at her sanctuary or other accredited sanctuaries, as well as advocate for the Big Cat Safety Act.

With Netflix’s sensational Tiger King documentary series portraying animal cruelty and the dangers of the exotic animal trade, JWC identifies and pursues opportunities for Lions Tigers & Bears to be an example of how a quality, reputable animal sanctuary should run.

Services include:

  • National and local media relations
  • Misc. marketing consultation