It’s a big broad digital world out there.

And it’s changing every day. The JWC team stays abreast of the latest in Web, digital and interactive media marketing, keeping up-to-date on popular tools, such as YouTube and BuzzFeed, and testing out new(er) ones, such as native advertising, wearable technology and the latest iPhone applications.

We hold in-house Web and digital training sessions, attend related conferences, seminars and webinars, read and share articles on Mashable and Engadget, and swim swiftly through the vast sea of digital acronyms. We understand the importance of constant education for this ever-growing, ever-changing communication segment.

The JWC team integrates your Web and digital strategy into clients’ larger PR and marketing campaign to ensure consistent branding and messaging. A carefully researched and culled mix of traditional and new marketing tools based on your target audiences, with a heavy dose of creativity, is key for success.

Offerings for strategy, development, management, content and design include:

  • User Experience
  • Website Development/ Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Content Marketing/ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing, including E-newsletters/ E-blasts
  • Native Advertising
  • Digital Advertising/ Web Advertising/ Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing/ Mobile App Development
  • Infographics/ Memes
  • Online Widgets
  • Video Development
  • Analytics