Engage. Inform. Entertain. Interact.

Through X, formerly known as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, Google+, Snapchat, blogs and more, we directly engage our clients’ audiences, by entertaining, educating, informing and interacting. We listen and contribute to the daily conversations.

Based on where clients’ markets are active, we begin by discovering the tools that most effectively reach them. Then, we create original content specific to their marketing goals. No automatic cross-promoting or all-scheduled content here. JWC prides itself on customization and timeliness in all social media. We regularly conduct a social media analysis to track a multitude of factors to help maintain ongoing, powerful work. JWC has won multiple major awards for its social media campaigns on behalf of specific clients and client campaigns.

For online media, we are just as targeted and responsive. Not all “mommy bloggers” are the same, nor are the tech writers, real estate bloggers or any targeted group. We are voracious readers of all content to ensure what we’re pitching is not only within the bloggers’ scope, but readers’ interest.

JWC’s Social Media Best Practices Package
For those companies who manage social media in-house, but are interested in upping their game, JWC offers a one-time “Social Media Best Practices Package” that includes:

  • S.W.O.T. Analysis, to determine what you’re doing right and wrong and include recommendations
  • Basic Analytics/Reporting
  • Tool Building/Creation
  • Community Building: Build and Engage Followers
  • Suggested Content