Social Media Best Practices Package


Most companies can’t avoid joining the social media bandwagon if they want to effectively communicate with customers, raise brand awareness, build loyalty, website traffic, etc. But many are trying to do too much or don’t do right.

JWC will fully evaluate your social media channels and tell you what you can improve, what more you should be doing, help create and maintain new tools and accounts, provide in-house training, and more.

For social media, we believe that authenticity is key. Our standard rule is 70/30; 70 percent of interactions should be informative, engaging, interesting and interactive and 30 percent promotional.

The following is a list of actions we will take to make your social media strategies stronger and increase followership and engagement from current and prospective customers and clients.

Proposed Services:

  • S.W.O.T. Analysis: An in-depth review of all social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats across all channels. Analysis includes action-oriented recommendations including what tools are most important based on your business goals and target audiences and how/if you’re using them effectively.
  • Analytics/Reporting*: Reports on social performance and follower demographics. Includes suggestions for continued improvement.
  • Trend/Current Events Assessment*: Research non-(company) related opportunities for social media involvement, industry trends/ what’s next, events to live tweet, relevant national known and little-known holidays, etc.
  • Suggested Posts*: A list of posts to encourage continued engagement across platforms, individualized for each.
  • Social Community Assessment: Find new social media accounts to like/follow and provide recommendations on engagement when appropriate.
  • Hashtags: Create (company) hashtags for evergreen use or specific events. Identify existing hashtags to boost posts’ profile and engagement.

Optional Services:

  • Create Social Media Accounts: Includes account setup and initial content (Details about each social media channel available below.)
    – Facebook
    – Twitter
    – Instagram
    – LinkedIn
    – Snapchat
    – Google+
    – Pinterest
    – Spotify
    – Other
  • Social Media Training: “101” or advanced training for as many individuals as you would like. See channel options above.
  • One-time Management: Management of the channel(s) of your choice for one week to implement the findings and suggestions of the Social Media Review and Recommendations Package. See channel options above.


Proposed services listed above are available as a project and would take place over approximately six weeks.

Ongoing Support:

For those items marked with a *, ongoing services are available, which would support your current social media activity. Additional services, e.g. partial/ full management of social media channel(s) can be discussed and priced out separately.

What Channel is Right For Your Goals/Target Audience(s)?

Facebook: With more than 2 billion active daily users, Facebook is a social place where people stay connected with each other by sharing thoughts and content. It allows users to stay connected with their contacts, to share thoughts/news/videos/photos, etc. that matter to them and to discover what is going on in their personal and/or professional lives and beyond.

Twitter: (In its own words) “Twitter is the best way to connect with people, express yourself and discover what’s happening.” It gives everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly. Twitter is used to express or share thoughts, news, articles, images and experiences in a short and concise way – with 240 characters or fewer. Almost 50 percent of marketers say that Twitter is the best social media channel for customer service.

Instagram: Instagram is a global community of more than 400 million people who “capture and share the world’s moments.” Serves as a great platform to share photos/short videos, and has been named the “No. 1 social media engagement tool for brands two years in a row,” by Forrester Research.

LinkedIn: It’s the largest online professional network in the world. (In its own words) it connects “the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” It used for professional networking, as well as posting a person’s resume, and sharing news and job positions. If you are looking to connect with a trade audience, this is your platform.

Snapchat: One of the fastest growing social media platforms, Snapchat boasts 100 million active users daily. Seventy-three percent of those users are millennials, and roughly 60 percent of the high school class of 2015 use Snapchat every day. This is a prime platform to reach a younger audience.

Google+: Known as Google’s social media network, Google+ can provide added SEO opportunities for businesses. Today, 68 percent of all web searches are conducted on Google. Since all content posted by Google+ business pages is indexed by Google, this content will often rank in Google search results, even if a business’s website doesn’t.

Pinterest: Pinterest is the “visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.” Skewed heavily female in the U.S., nearly 75 percent of the site’s more than 100 million active monthly users have purchased something on or because of the platform.

Spotify Account/Playlists: Branded playlists through Spotify are free to create and easy to share across other social platforms. Posts on other social media channels could be drafted to ask for ideas from current likers. Spotify has more than 60 million active users, and has advertising options available to target specific listeners (new potential customers).

Other: There are new channels every day – faster than we can add to this list! We keep up-to-date with all the latest social media platforms and trends, so ask us – we can help!