5 Really Really Basic Social Media Dos and Don’ts (that are good for SEO, too)

Sometimes, as PR agency professionals, we get so preoccupied with coming up with the most brilliant tweet ever or how to setup a GPS-integrated iPhone app or what special to offer on Yelp that we forget the most basic social media rules.

Here are five to abide by – at all times:

1) Do not have dormant accounts or multiple accounts for the same company/brand

If you’re not using an account, delete it. If you have more than one account for the exact same company/brand, delete the one that is no longer being used/has less user engagement. (Make sure to alert your followers/fans/“likers” to participate in the account of your choice.)

Even though you’ve forgotten about it, an unmanned account will continue to show up on searches, and people may think that you have neglected your social media.

2) Do include the full name of your business in the description/name of the page (SEO!)

How am I to know who you are or find you if the business name is not provided? Too often I know a page exists, but when I search for it a given social media website, nothing comes up.

If you really want to title your Twitter Account after your tagline, mascot, etc., that’s fine, but make sure the corresponding name and description lists the full name of the business. Note: No abbreviations when it comes to company name – people won’t know what abbreviation you are using when they are searching for you.

3) Do use all the space provided for bio/description of the company (SEO Part II!)

Often, I see a one sentence description on social media profiles for a company. If they give you 250 words or 150 characters, use them. Yes, brevity is key in social media, but so is SEO. Consider it a newspaper lead, so don’t forget your 5Ws and an H.

4) Do include a photo/avatar that easily represents your company (wallpaper, too)

Put up a picture, logo, something. Putting up nothing looks like you don’t care. And once I see this image linked to all your comments/content, I should instantly know who you are.

5)      Do not use excessive punctuation/capitalization or LACK THEREOF!!!!!!

This —- Is just ANNOYING!!!!!! ……. DON’T YOU THINK?!?!?!?!?

And please, I don’t expect your grammar/punctuation, etc. to be perfect (100 percent of the time, but certainly 90 percent of the time), but re-read what you write. Basic spelling mistakes and nonsensical sentences are inexcusable – especially for professional business profiles.

What did I miss?