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Chat GPT what is PR

Why Marketers Should Get to Know ChatGPT and Why We Still Need Storytellers

Chat GPT generated definition of public relations. By: Arianna Georgi, SEO Consultant, J. Walcher Communications Every few years, our newsfeed is flooded with buzz about new AI technology that people…
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How to explain public relations.

No, “Public Relations” Does Not Mean We Go to Parties and Talk to People

Going home for the holidays? If you’re like some of us at JWC – your family does not understand what the heck you do. What does “public relations” even mean?! …
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Online Review

Everyone’s a Critic: How to Respond to Online Reviews

Written by PR Assistant Amanda Rubalcava. Whether searching through ratings on TripAdvisor or skimming lists on Yelp for the best burger in town, it’s no secret that online reviews often rule…
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Shared Space AD

Shared Office Space Available

Are You a Digital Marketing, Graphic Designer or Marketing/PR Pro? Work Beside Us in Our Shared Office Our airy, sunlit South Park building has a desk available for rent! This…
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Behind-the-Scenes Tips and Tricks for Better Social Media Management

By Kristin Riemedio, PR Intern Merriam-Webster defines “social media” as “forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages and other content.” For…
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Social Media: Do’s, Don’ts and What’s New

Written by JWC PR Assistant Amanda Rubalcava. Becoming an active player in this ever-evolving social media game has become crucial for public relations agencies and their clients. Clients depend on their…
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Visual Storytelling

Written by JWC PR Assistant Asael Ruelas Vaquera. From reporters trying to capture the perfect picture to social media advertisers trying to engage their audiences with bold infographics, visuals have…
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A Whole New Instagram World

via GIPHY As marketers, we love Instagram and its ability to connect people with brands from across the globe. Boasting 300 million monthly active users, engagement on Instagram is 15…
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9 Marketing Tips for a Successful Restaurant

Dozens of new restaurants opened in San Diego County last year. Some flourish; many more already have – or will – close their doors. Why? Sometimes it’s a concept gone…
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A JWC ‘How-To’: Create an Awesome Social Media Post

Written with assistance by JWC PR Assistant Elpin Keshishzadeh Creating a social media post is easy. Creating interesting content, though time consuming, can involve more thought, research and strategy. One measure…
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