Save Your Money – Post Organic!

Ever have a window pop up on a Facebook page you manage, asking you to “boost” your post? Boosting a post may not be the answer to successful engagement on Facebook. While many users believe that paying to boost their Facebook content will attract more attention to their brand, we’ve found that a well-crafted, organic post can be just as effective – if not more effective – in increasing true fan engagement.

Casa OneOn National Margarita Day, J. Walcher Communications created two posts for client Casa de Bandini. The first post had no photo and was paid to be boosted, while the second post contained a photo and was unpaid. The results? The organic post incorporating a photo produced greater engagement – even with a smaller number of viewers!

The paid post was seen by 2,590 people, received 74 likes, one comment and one share, while the unpaid post received more interaction overall with 61 likes, 15 comments and 14 shares – even though it was seen by 1,381 users, more than 1,000 fewer than the paid version.

When engaging organically, it is important to pay attention to language and the content you are posting. Use words that encourage interaction and resonate with your target audience. Multimedia like photographs, videos and infographics can help capture attention, as well – as seen in this example.

So before you hit that “boost” button, tap into your creativity and post some engaging content that your audience will appreciate.