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SEO and PR- I Can Tell That We are Going to be Friends

By: Arianna Georgi, SEO Consultant, J. Walcher Communications When determining your digital marketing strategy budget, putting together the pieces can be overwhelming. But there is a huge benefit to getting your…
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Visual Storytelling

Written by JWC PR Assistant Asael Ruelas Vaquera. From reporters trying to capture the perfect picture to social media advertisers trying to engage their audiences with bold infographics, visuals have…
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J. Walcher Communications Adds Hazard Center to Client Roster

J. Walcher Communications, a public relations agency based in San Diego, has been hired by Hazard Center in Mission Valley to create and implement a branding campaign that uses an…
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SEO for Dummies: Four quick tips to boost SEO

Co-written by Ashley Shafer and Stephanie Breneman Whether it’s small or big business, increasing online visibility through search engine optimization (SEO) is key to a company’s growth and future success….
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So You’ve Got a Website – Now What?

Three Quick Tips to Freshen Up Your Website