SEO and PR- I Can Tell That We are Going to be Friends

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

By: Arianna Georgi, SEO Consultant, J. Walcher Communications

When determining your digital marketing strategy budget, putting together the pieces can be overwhelming. But there is a huge benefit to getting your efforts to work together, specifically PR and SEO. When both of those work together, brand visibility is limitless.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be intimidating for newbies, but the basic idea is that you want your site to rank number one in Google Search results. All you need to do is identify keywords for each webpage, create relevant content and obtain “authority” for your site by getting links from other sites that Google considers reliable.

This is where the public relations element comes in. When you get relevant links – like Instagram traffic through influencers – the site’s “search clout” grows.

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