What Can Mobile do for You?

Written by JWC PR Assistant Audrey Buchanan

A recent brief, Forrester Predictions 2015: Most Brands will Underinvest in Mobile, gives marketing leaders insight on how to avoid the norm of under-investing in mobile. According to Forrester, 2015 is all about using mobile marketing to transform customer interaction and “activate mobile experiences.” While this may sound like a no brainer, research has found that many companies are either using mobile the wrong way or not using it at all.

However, this isn’t the case for JWC’s new client, Hazard Center. Spearheaded by JWC, Hazard Center will launch a new mobile-friendly campaign that simplifies and enhances their customers’ experience through the use of a mobile app (Check it out for yourself! Download here: Iphone and Android).

Hazard Center's New App

Just like Hazard Center is the ultimate go-to destination for all the things its customers need to do – and get done, its new app is a go-to mobile experience. It has all the tools customers need for their trip to Hazard Center. From a tip calculator to exclusive deals and everything in between, the app’s simple design makes it easy-to-use and navigate – even for those who are still trying to figure out this whole mobile thing.

With this application Hazard Center has eliminated its customers’ needs for multiple search platforms by providing a go-to mobile destination where to-do lists become a thing of the past. Companies looking to go mobile this year should look at other businesses, like Hazard Center, and continue to find ways to enhance their customers’ experience in this ever-changing environment.

Still don’t know how to get started? Here are some tips from Forrester:

  • Develop mobile advertisements
  • Keep the structure of your content simple and aesthetically appealing
  • Be sure to guarantee and protect your customers’ privacy
  • Figure out what your customers are doing on apps, and give them something that fits with their interests –  like in-app purchases or real-time offerings
  • Think about how the increase in contactless payments can tie into your mobile marketing strategy

Don’t get too ahead of yourself by thinking this is also the year of the smart watch – according to Forrester Research, we’re not there yet!

Mobile provides numerous opportunities to propel businesses forward, by reinventing customer service and creating stronger customer relationships that last. With the steady growth of mobile over the years, now is the time for businesses to stop resisting and embrace the change. Remember that in today’s market, the businesses that are investing in their customers’ mobile habits are the ones seeing more success.