County of San Diego & Multicultural Health Foundation

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, JWC worked with Multicultural Health Foundation, on behalf of the County of San Diego, to launch the “Together Against COVID” campaign to promote awareness, resources and information about COVID-19 prevention and vaccines to San Diego’s African American/Black community.

For the lifespan of the campaign, September 2020 to June 2021, monthly impressions across all campaign mediums started with two million in its initial month and reached 54 million in its last month.

JWC planned, created and managed a comprehensive outdoor advertising campaign throughout the County, with billboards, bus shelter ads, bus ads, digital trucks and a trolley wrap with a focus on zip codes with a high number of African American/Black residents. Additionally, direct mail pieces were distributed with a phone number to call for more information, signage at convenience stores, hair and nail salons and local markets and participation at local events with booths and branded masks, hand sanitizer, etc.

A series of TV and radio campaigns were created with trusted messengers and placements in local African American newspapers and online magazines, such as The San Diego Voice and Viewpoint and Black & Magazine, as well as local stations and targeted national shows that have a large African American/Black audience. Messengers included prominent Black San Diegans including singer Rhonda Beard, Broadway performer Storm Lever, Assemblymember Shirley Weber and local church leaders.

With advertising materials leading to the website and a phone number to call for vaccine appointments and information, the Black and African American community was presented with information and resources in many places that they visit every day – whether it’s driving around town or scrolling on their phone.

For the duration advertising elements were displayed to the public, they received 394,012,018 impressions. This is a culmination of monthly impressions, which is how advertising mediums are often measured. Our goal was to reach San Diego’s 180,000 African American and Black residents, and with these figures, we reached a large percent of the population on a monthly basis at least. JWC’s work on the campaign was a winner of the One Club for Creativity San Diego’s Covid-19 Awards for its creativity, resourcefulness and storytelling as well as Silver and Bronze Awards at the 2021 American Advertising Awards – San Diego Competition.