Tyson & Mendes LLP

Tyson & Mendes LLP is a nationwide, AV-rated litigation and trial firm
specializing in insurance defense and protecting its clients from Nuclear Verdicts®.
Robert Tyson and Patrick Mendes founded the firm in 2002 to defend corporations,
insurance companies, and their clients in civil litigation matters. The firm has experienced tremendous growth in the past two decades, with offices across the U.S. serving clients in 18 states.

JWC was hired in 2017 to position the firm as thought leaders in insurance and civil litigation defense and increase brand awareness. JWC has secured placements in top-tier legal and insurance trade publications, including Bloomberg Law, Law360, Law.com and Claims Journal, as well as bylined articles from firm partners in The Daily Journal, CLM Magazine, Carrier Management and more. Tyson & Mendes attorneys have also received numerous recognitions and awards thanks to JWC’s talent for highlighting the firm’s quality defense work.

In 2020, Tyson & Mendes Strategic Managing Partner Robert Tyson released the first book written for the defense on how to limit exposure at trial, Nuclear Verdicts: Defending Justice for All. JWC’s PR outreach helped the book become an Amazon #1 best-seller, and further placed Tyson at the forefront of Nuclear Verdicts® thought leadership.