Five Things NOT to Say During Your PR Interview

While we all know the common rules that apply to job interviews (hopefully), like wear a suit, be prepared with copies of your resume and perhaps, most importantly, BE ON TIME – there are a few things practicing PR professionals or those pursuing careers in PR should know NEVER to say.job interview

As public relations professionals it is our job to be creative and to stand out amidst a sea of similar  faces, places and products to present what makes our clients special and worthy of media coverage. So why wouldn’t we look at potential employees in the same manner?

So here’s what we DON’T want to hear during an interview when asked the following:

  • Why do you want to work in public relations? “I like to talk to people.”

Yes, while this is an important aspect of public relations (after all, what good would an anti-social PR person be?), it should not be the sole reason you want to get into public relations – there has to be something more … substantial.

  • What is PR to you? “Relating to the public” or Creating positive relations between a business and its clients.”

We work in PR; we don’t need a textbook definition of what we do every day, thank you very much. However, we would like for you to demonstrate that you actually know how to do the job, or rather, explain what tools we use in order to “create positive relations between a business and its clients.”

  • What aspect of PR do you like most? “I like planning and going to parties.”

Then become a party planner. Despite what pop-culture depicts, public relations    is not all about parties and events – it’s an office job.

  • What kind of clients do you like to work with? “Well, I don’t like…”

We didn’t ask what you don’t like, but while we’re on the topic – don’t highlight what you hate! Especially if what you hate happens to be an industry many of our clients belong to.

  • What attracts you to a career in public relations? (I know – this is very similar to item #1 on our list, but we’ve actually gotten this answer more than once) “I want to be like Samantha from Sex and the City.

I don’t really think this needs any explanation.