Fare Thee Well, Ashley Shafer

After three years, our Assistant Account Executive Ashley Shafer is moving to an in-house PR position. Here’s just a few of the reasons we’ll miss her, and a few, well, why we won’t:Sandy Young and Ashley Shafer at the San Diego Magazine Best of party 2012

  • Her Social Media Prowess: #YelpResponsesDownPat #DontLikeasaPage! #FixesPostbyJean #Again #FiltersLikeaBoss
  • Her MAJOR Caffeine Addiction: Who else is going to tell us the latest Starbucks specials or the top-rated K-cup?
  • Her Editing Abilities: Why yes that is two spaces in between those sentences! How did that happen??
  • Mentor Extraordinaire: She built strong relationships with our interns, many of which extended into friendship and mentorship past their internship. Ashley always took the extra time to give them pointers on the real PR world, beyond 100-page research papers.
  • Click, Click!: Ashley became our unofficial photographer of the office, with her camera skills, which we used for headshots, food photos, office shots, product displays, etc. etc. etc. All our clients know how much we value good photography!
  • Chat Buddy: Who will be Jenna’s family twin? Who will Sandy talk to about “The Bachelor” shenanigans?
  • Her Smile/Laugh: When Ashley is happy, the whole office is happy. And that’s not just because she provides us with our post-its, favorite notepads and special pens, and is a pretty awesome dishwasher.
  • Her Don’t-Mess-With-Me Phone Skills: No, we do not process credit cards, and she is going to ask you to remove us from your list, thank you very much. Click.
  • Photobooth – Where??: Ah yes, memories …
  • Living Vicariously: As the only one not in a long-term relationship, who else are we going to hear about dating adventures from? We’ll miss you too “Standard”!

And a fJean Walcher and Ashley Shafer at United Way Kickoffew things we won’t miss:

  • Being reminded of how old we all are (Born in 1990 – gah!)
  • Chia seeds stuck in the sink. J
  • Her everything-is-on-my-face expressions – we can’t stand if you’re not happy!

In short, we’ll miss ya. We wish you the best of luck – just don’t forget us, k?

 Jean, Laura, Sandy, Jenna, Doug, Elpin, Audrey and every intern we’ve had for the past three years

Side Note: Since we’re having such a hard time parting with this Ashley, we decided to hire another Ashley in her stead. More info. to follow … But don’t worry AS; you could never be replaced!