J. Walcher Communications Awarded City and State Business Certifications

J. Walcher Communications




J. Walcher Communications (JWC), a top San Diego public relations firm, has been awarded Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and State Woman Business Enterprise (SWBE) certifications.

The SLBE certification gives businesses opportunities to work on city contracts that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. JWC is one of approximately 548 San Diego County vendors that has successfully completed the rigorous SLBE application process and been approved. The program requires applicants to be for-profit, independent businesses within specific income brackets in relation to how many years they’ve been in business.

WBE, DBE and SWBE state-issued certifications allow women and minority business owners to connect with major corporations and other vendors to create partnerships and opportunities.  The combination of these forces helps to build momentum in the local economy and encourage a self-sustaining environment for both consumers and vendors.

“These certifications will enable our creative and nimble team to work on a wider array of projects that appeal to us and partner with other agencies that would benefit from our services and expertise, as well as the certification,” said Jean Walcher, JWC president.

JWC has experience working on city and state-wide PR/marketing projects, particularly in the areas of health and sports, culture, urban planning, housing and real estate development projects.