Ode to Our Intern

Six Reasons We’ll Miss Our Intern Brianna Shannon

Brianna Shannon (also known as Bree, B and BMoney Millionaire) has been our PR intern since September, and we’re sad to see her leave J. Walcher. However, we know that she’s ready to enter the “real world” (and we’re not talking the one on MTV – is that still on?) post-graduation and will be an outstanding addition to San Diego’s public relations industry.

Below are the six things we’ll miss most about Bree:

It’s all in the timing. Even when Bree was frustrated about MyMediaInfo (our online media contact database) malfunctioning, she persevered and was able to joke about it. One time she used the company credit card to order a client clip. When she returned the card to Jean she said, “Thanks. Just bought the company a new sports car.” Deadpan.

No task too big or too small. I have never once seen Bree flinch when given a mundane task, such as requesting editorial calendars or researching company addresses, which other interns might find boring or rote. Large projects also don’t scare her, and she is eager for the challenge of writing a press release from scratch or developing a pitch for a national publication about the awesomeness of our South Park neighborhood.

The idea generator. On her second day on the job, we asked her to participate in a brainstorming session regarding a client’s upcoming anniversary. Bree was able to quickly come up with creative ideas. She has found unique community service opportunities for our client, Balanced Bodyworks, and has developed snappy opening lines for the ARDA (American Resort Development Association) award entries that we just sent in for our client, Tapestry Resorts.

Who needs tracked changes? It’s an area that Bree says she still wants to work on, but she is already an excellent writer. The true test is how much red is on the page when Jean gives it back to her, and the returned copy hasn’t resembled a candy cane at all. And as for Bree’s goal to continue to improve her writing; well, that’s the attitude of any good writer.

That To Do list. Bree diligently goes through her inbox and works to complete every project she is assigned. She comes in early and stays late, without persuasion or request. (I often have to tell her that I’m leaving for the day to get her to wrap up.)

Anything Goes At J. Walcher Communications, we don’t just sit at our desks all day – we get involved with our clients, learning the ins and outs of their businesses. For Bree this meant being a model for Bazaar del Mundo’s animal print fashions and answering pub trivia questions at Proper Gastropub (Go Team Mustachios!), among other random tasks.

Animal print fashions at Bazaar del Mundo
Brianna, getting her wild side on at Bazaar del Mundo

Santa Claus is coming to town. This story just shows a bunch of Bree’s best characteristics: The morning of our company holiday lunch, Bree and I were talking, and I told her about how I have to remember not to say “Merry Christmas” to Jean, Laura and Jacquie, since they are Jewish. She looks at me with wide eyes and says, “Do you know if they happen to have a Christmas tree, as well?” Bree had bought everyone Christmas ornaments for our holiday gift exchange. She was able to laugh it off, but left the office early and rushed to get everyone a new gift (including me – the only other gentile – because she didn’t want me to feel left out). She arrived a little late to lunch, out of breath and completely apologetic. We all had a good laugh, and everyone was appreciative of her gift-giving thoughtfulness – both times.

So, Miss Bree, your absence will be noticed, but your contributions will continue to positively impact the agency and its clients. We’d hire you if we could, and maybe, one day we still will.

Best to you – we know you’ll do well.

– The J. Walcher team