Twas the Day of Our Party

Twas the day of our party, I had to wake early

In order to prep – you know, and do all things girlie.

Though our party was not ‘til much later at night,

My schedule that morning was rather quite tight.

I was ahead of the clock as I got in my car

On my way to our segment, for our client Bazaar [del Mundo].

I left early to meet with our spokesperson there,

But on the way to the station, had quite a scare.

The traffic was busy for the morning rush,

And suddenly I heard my car going crush!

I pulled to the side of the road in despair,

And rang up the station – I wouldn’t be there.

My morning was rougher than most mornings go,

But luckily there was no need for a tow.

 With work to be done at the JWalcher that day,

I called up my colleague to take me away.

Robert came to my rescue and took me to work,

A distraction that kept me from going beserk.

More rapid than traffic, the hours they passed,

Until it was time for our party at last!

“Now Sandy! Now, Nick! Now, Kevin and Brad!

Come, Debi! Come, Jason! Come Sarah and Jean!

To the top of the stairs! To FARM’s warehouse in back!

Turn off the computers! Turn off all your Macs!”

As day became night and our guests began to arrive,

They were greeted with drink, food and a band that played live.

Upstairs the FARM-house was all decked out in lights,

And the Caterings by Ina stirred appetites.

Roger Showley appeared in a Santa Claus tie,

You can tell off the bat he’s one festive guy!

Then Angela Titus from the United Way,

We were welcome to have her at this evening’s soriee.

Conversations abound as I moved through the room

Increasing in laughter and overall volume.

Each person there stood with a drink in their hand,

Including CityBeat mag’s David Rolland.

In the corner Matt Gordon and Brian Maienschein,

They exchanged gleeful stories beside trees of pine.

And seated together, there seemed a rapport,

Between Indra Gardiner and Sydnie and Doug Moore.

Then in came a couple who’s pleasantly vocal,

‘Twas Marc and Darlynne of “Travel Like a Local.

I saw Debbie LaChusa who once worked with Jean,

the reunion between them – a sight to be seen.

The musicians playing had people in awe,

Particularly David and Ms. Reesey Shaw.

Also impressed by these three virtuosa,

Were Kelly Davis and her guest Brian Espinosa.

As the party went on and the merriment flowed

Tom Gable left early, but his thanks, he bestowed.

Steve and Jacqueline Silverman, I instantly liked,

She spelled her name like mine so I was totally psyched!

The hours flew by as we had so much fun,

I was sad that the evening would soon be over and done.

But once we’d drank all the wine and ate all the food,

It looked like it was time for our party to conclude.

As our guests shuffled out and said their adieu’s,

It was clear to be said that one thing was true –

In the infamous words of Michelle Mowad,

Who said “See ya later! This party was rad!”