Where Shepard Fairey Goes, His Flock Follows: J. Walcher Communications’ Building Adorned With Urban Artist’s Mural

We are Obama fans, so when we heard that Shepard Fairey, famous for the Obama and Obey art chose our office building in South Park for a mural installation as a part of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego exhibit, Viva la Revolucion, a multifaceted, international exhibition featuring works both in the Museum’s galleries as well as at public sites throughout San Diego, we were excited!

James Brown of Public Architecture who designed and owns our building had submitted it for consideration for one of the site installations.  Fairey and his crew started on a Wednesday and completed it on Friday.  (Ok, and shall we also tell you that one of his crew was Spencer Elden, famous for being the Nirvana baby, pictured on the famous Nevermind album cover.)

The crowd that gathered to watch and catch a glimpse of Shepard was a little overwhelming and distracting to staff (oh well). The first day the young girl with the blue fair followed the crew’s every step from morning to night.  We had fun seeing some of our favorite journalists as they came by to see the progress and didn’t realize our office was there, including Robert Pincus, Nina Garin, Dave Maass, Seth Combs and David Rolland.

Since the art lovers were so accessible, we took the opportunity to put postcards out about client, Lux Art Institute’s latest artist Sati Zech.

Ok, you can see more on our Facebook page; on to the work: