Bye-Bye UT: Time to Look for New Opportunities

Photo of The San Diego Union-Tribune front page.

Some of the names we’ve been reading for years come to mind – Lori Weisberg, John Wilkins, George Varga – as having deep knowledge of San Diego. When we see these names, we trust their facts and historical insight regarding what is happening in the 9th largest city.

There are many more, and a strong contingent with 10 to 20-plus years of experience at The San Diego Union-Tribune, our daily paper, who are solid journalists that may no longer have a work home. We hate to see their tenure run out before it’s due, and while we don’t know yet the full extent of the changes, we cross our fingers that the seniors of the team will stay until they’re ready and willing to go.

In the meantime, what’s the status for the dwindling news outlets in San Diego? San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles, San Diego City Beat – almost San Diego Magazine – have bitten the dust? There’s Voice of San Diego and Times of San Diego and a myriad of weekly outlets, but it’s go-time for businesses and individuals to push their own news and information out. Besides your own website, digital communications and social media, here are some other platforms to consider:


Writing newsletters and building a subscriber list is simple with Substack, an email newsletter platform, and is being used by writers, creatives and journalists. Subscribe to e-blasts or pages that spark your interest, although some content does come with a price (which can benefit those with decreased job opportunities). The wide range of content and the subscription options for reporters’ content lends itself to a rabbit hole worth exploring.


Over 100,000 million readers have taken to Medium, an open platform for blog posts or articles. Authors, thought leaders and reporters are using Medium and can make money from it by implementing a paywall on none, some or all of their content. To view certain posts (or view them ad-free), membership is required. Medium is rich with content and experts that regularly show up on Google searches and are cited by traditional media outlets.

LinkedIn Articles

Anyone with a LinkedIn account can publish an article, so be sure to follow your favorite reporters and thought leaders. The articles are free to read and because it is through LinkedIn, sharing articles is simple and effective.