Meet the Dogs of JWC (and Their Humans)

By Lily Wong and Fen Walcher

Lily: Greetings, humans! My name is Lily Wong and I am the furry companion of Sandy Young. At 16-years-old (in dog years), I hold seniority in the office. Although that seniority doesn’t matter much because I do not like boy dogs so Fen (see below) and I can’t actually be in the office at the same time.

After sniffing and investigating the entire office, which usually includes walking through empty shelves and disregarding anything in those shelves that I may be knocking over, my days are filled with napping and sitting in on JWC meetings.

Fen: Hello everyone, I’m Fennel Walcher, also known as Fen. I am the jet-black rescue dog of the Walcher family. I’m super cute, everyone says so. My office past times include sunbathing, belly rubs and lounging upside down in my favorite orange chair. I come to the office with Jean when she dog sits. Her mom, Laura (otherwise known as our PR “fairy godmother”) and dad, Bob, are my humans.

I love to take walks. But you have to understand: I am the master of my walks! If you are not taking me across the street that I want to go, or the direction that I want to head, I will sit down, sometimes even lay down on the sidewalk, and will not budge until I get my way.

Lily and Fen: But enough about us: we both wanted to use this opportunity to tell you about the interesting humans of JWC.

Fen: Jean microwaves her coffee an awful lot. In fact, I think she milks one cup of coffee a day and just keeps heating it up. She loves bubblegum – which doesn’t do me any good, since that is not a dog treat.

Lily: Sandy seems to have a very busy life because she’s always scribbling something into her fat black book. Everyone else in the office comments about how she’s an AP wiz. I’m not really sure what that means. AP? Like Alpha Poodle or Awesome Pet?

Fen: Across from Sandy is Jenna. She is the quietest in the office, but from what I hear, she’s pretty wild outside the office (she can’t fool us). Her desk and computer is covered with sticky notes – that’s how she keeps “organized” – but if anyone else has to make sense of her system, they are SOL.

Lily: Then there’s Ashley. I wonder if anyone has ever told her she looks exactly like Lea Michele – you know – that girl from “Glee”! Sometimes after a really stressful day or event, she likes to lay on the floor just like I do. Jean likes Ashley because she’s the only one in the office that cusses as much as she does.

Fen: On the other side of Jenna is Kristin. She’s new, and I don’t really know her well yet, so I spend a lot of time sniffing her. She answers the phones and doesn’t speak much, but she always has interesting treats and snacks at her desk.

Fen & Lily: All in all, we’re pretty lucky being the very part-time office dogs of JWC. We’re happy to hang out and provide our people with much-needed stress relief! Although, we don’t quite understand why they’re all so stressed out all the time. From what we can see, all they do is stare at a computer screen and sporadically yell out random noises or words.