What Do the New Facebook Admin Settings Mean for “Social Media Management by Committee”?

If you’re an administrator on multiple Facebook pages and social media management is shared among the client and PR agency, Facebook is instating a new rule on Feb. 20 that will affect you – and we think it’s a good thing.

Facebook will begin highlighting which admin has posted specific content. On a page post, the person’s name will be listed next to “Posted by.” On a page comment, the creator’s name will be listed next to “Commented on by.” You’ll also be able to see who has scheduled posts.

Important note: This will only be viewable by other admins, not the general public.

Why is this a good thing?

  1. Solves the Case of Whodunnit: Say you’re an admin on a page with a large group of other admins (as PR folk, we’ve found this to be the case with committee-based clients), and you see that there is an error in a recent post. Sure, you could just correct it yourself (and you probably should, for time’s sake), but you’ll also want to let whoever posted it know about the mistake so they can be careful of it in the future. Now you don’t have to email/text/privately message umpteen number of admins on the page – you can go directly to the creator.
  2. See how often each person is posting. If you’re supposed to be sharing responsibilities with other admins, this might help everyone stay accountable.
  3. If a liker asks a question on a post, it’s helpful to know who wrote that post, because they might be the best person to answer the question.
  4. Giving kudos: Know who posted that engaging, informative and entertaining post that is getting the most interaction of any other post – they deserve to be recognized.
  5. You’ll know who posted that video or photo – you need the original file and you need it now.

You can see Facebook’s Help Center for more on this announcement.